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Voice coaching for gender expressive voices

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Learn how your healthy voice can reliably affirm your gender identity






Struggling to find your ideal voice can be frustrating and defeating, and sometimes even scary.

Without training, your voice is going to stay the same. 

If you're not confident in your voice, it's probably because you don't know how to shape your voice to fit you. Your voice is familiar and your friends and family expect you to sound a certain way. Unguided voice work takes time, and sometimes wrong turns. You might end up on some road and you're not sure how to turn around. You might randomly revert back to your old voice. As frustration mounts as time goes on, you might decide your voice isn't capable of fitting the voice that you have in your head. You might even consider risky, unnecessary surgeries.

How would loving the sound of your voice change you?


Do you hear a dark buzz when you talk?

Do you get misgendered on the phone?

Is describing the sound you want complicated?

Are you struggling to listen to yourself talk?


Loving your voice is as easy as...

Schedule a call

Train your voice

Gain control

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Tallulah Breslin (she/her)

Born and raised in Austin, Tallulah was taught from a young age to appreciate and celebrate diversity.


Inspired by her friends and family who struggled with their voices during transition, Tallulah specializes in gender affirming voice training. She uses her work to help others express their true selves and overcome the harmful effect of the binary gender classification system.


Her masters in speech, language, and hearing science, training as a speech language pathologist, and ongoing interdisciplinary collaboration guides her voice coaching methodology. 


Fiona Barnhill (she/her)

Fiona is committed to helping others navigate through the difficult situation she found herself in. She knows firsthand how painful it is for your voice not to match you, and wants to help others in similar situations who are in need of guidance and resources.

Fiona helps others navigate situations that she found herself once struggled with. She finds fulfillment in connecting others to the resources they need to complete their transition journey.

Hearing clients when they feeling comfortable with their voice is the reason she loves this work and is committed to the community


Our Voice Team

"I keep my voice flexible. When I'm at work and gym enthusiasts come in, I use my deep, booming voice. When granny comes in, I can instead use my soft, gentle voice. And sometimes I like to sound more androgynous. Having control over my voice let's me keep them guessing. Why does everyone need to know my gender anyways?"

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"All throughout my life I've hated listening to recordings of myself; it was almost physically painful listening to myself talk. That's changed. Tallulah provided me with the tools and path to discover what voice I wanted and how to get there. She encouraged me and provided me the extra motivation that I probably wouldn't have had on my own, and helped me when I needed it. If I hadn't been so comfortable practicing with her, I'm not sure I would have been able to practice at all."

All testimonials posted on have been provided voluntarily, are factual and reflect the real life experiences of our students. You acknowledge and agree that these testimonials are not a guarantee that you will have the same or similar results. 

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