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Gender & Identity Affirming Behavioral Voice Modification Workshops for Voice Professionals

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Learn how to effectively, efficiently, inclusively, and accessibly teach others to love their voice!






  • Introduction

  • Terminology & Cultural Competency

  • Ear Training

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  • Inclusive Intake & Clinical Practices

  • Evaluation 

  • Gender Voice Framework

  • Vocal Care 

  • Vocal Weight

  • Counseling & Navigating Mental Health Barriers

  • Onset/Offsets

  • Closure Gradient

  • Session Flow

  • Lips

  • Jaw

  • Power/Breath

  • Tilt

  • Twang

  • Nasal

  • Soft Palate

  • Oral Resonance

  • Perspectives From a Trans Woman's Lived Experience 

  • Voice Surgery

  • Group Instruction

  • Belting

  • Window Dressing

  • Training Exercises

  • Home Practice

  • Building Your Practice

  • Pitch

  • Troubleshooting

  • False Vocal Folds

  • Tongue Root

  • Consistency

  • Generalization


Struggling to hear the difference between how clients speak and their goal voices can be frustrating and defeating, and really limit how much you can help people.
Without training, your skillset is going to stay the same. 
If you're not confident in your teaching abilities, it's probably because you don't know how to modify your own voice, how to hear what different voice qualities are, or even what needs to be modified to change voice gender perception. You may feel limited from learning as much as possible about this work because of how very few resources there are for teaching gender & identity affirming voice. Speech, voice and resonance therapy techniques are familiar, but not enough, or even the right tools, for changing voice sex and gender. Reading books and research articles and taking overview courses takes time, and sometimes can lead you down wrong turns. Spending time in gender voice teaching spaces when you're not helping clients or even being discouraged from doing this important work because of your identity can be discouraging. Evidence based practice expects you to teach a certain way, but research is slow to catch up to current practices in this fast moving field. As frustration mounts as time goes on, you might decide you're not capable of teaching gender voice modification. You might even consider leaving the work altogether. 
How would knowing you can help others love the sound of their voice change you?


Can you tell what creates the sounds you hear?

Do your clients get misgendered on the phone?

Is describing the sound qualities you hear complicated?

Are you struggling to modify your own voice?


Clinical & cultural competency are as easy as...

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Schedule a call

Complete a workshop

Become an

effective teacher



Tallulah Breslin (she/they)

With a graduate degree from Purdue University, Tallulah expected to be able to teach all areas under the umbrella of speech-language pathology. In 2014, when a friend wanted to change her voice gender presentation, Tallulah was surprised to realize the therapy techniques she had learned to teach voice weren't enough.

With the help of friends, skilled colleagues, and her own voice work, Tallulah learned how to help herself and others change their voice sex and gender presentation. They created their own business helping others love their voice.

Realizing the interdisciplinary field lacked a comprehensive teaching program, or even agreement about what needed to be taught, Tallulah created a workshop series that teaches others to effectively, efficiently, inclusively, and accessibly teach gender and identity affirming behavioral voice modification.  

OUR WORKSHOP LEADERS                   
Specialists in Gender & Identity Affirming Behavioral Voice Modification

Fiona Barnhill (she/her)

Fiona is committed to helping others navigate through the difficult situation she found herself in. She knows firsthand how painful it is for your voice not to match you, and wants to help others in similar situations who are in need of guidance and resources.

Fiona helps others navigate situations that she found herself once struggled with. She finds fulfillment in connecting others to the resources they need to complete their transition journey.

Hearing clients when they feeling comfortable with their voice is the reason she loves this work and is committed to the community

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"I really enjoyed that the workshops focused on having the therapists learn to be good models of the variable changes. They were interactive and engaging. I do feel like I have a much better idea of what to work on in order to reach the client's goals."

"Your presentation style is nice, easy going, and supportive. The workshops were very detailed with chances to practice. I learned a lot!"

"The practice opportunities were helpful, especially when we practiced one at a time and got specific feedback. There were so many parts of the voice I didn't even realize could be modified. Thank you!"

- SLP Feedback from our group workshop provided to Ridge Zeller Therapy

"The workshop was very good. Tallulah answered my questions along the way and clarified as I needed. There is a lot of technical info that's hard to conceptualize, even with my extensive voice background. She was patient and worked with me, matching my learning style until I understood."
           - Julie Rosado, MS, CCC/SLP

All testimonials posted on have been provided voluntarily, are factual and reflect the real life experiences of our service users. You acknowledge and agree that these testimonials are not a guarantee that you will have the same or similar results. 

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Charlotte Savoie 6-20-23 Certificate of completion.png.png
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